Outdoor Painting 2019


Finland is warming up finally after a long winter, so I’m taking my paints outside and enjoying the first rays of the year while I capture some color notes from around :))

I have been painting outside this year since the beginning on April. That’s when I learned more than I have in a while. I was so uncomfortable and had almost no control over the paint because it was so cold, that it wouldn’t dry. Because of this I used large strokes that I had to commit to, and wasn’t trying to paint small details. It made a huge difference to my work which I was able to bring into my digital work too. 🙂

Let me show you my favourite spot to paint and share some thoughts! I believe it’s going to be a great summer, hope for you too!

Here are my paintings from this April: IMG_9911IMG_9912IMG_9914IMG_9915IMG_9916IMG_9917IMG_9918IMG_9919IMG_9777



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