Lucid – a story about empathy


Idina never understood why others around her were acting a certain way towards her. Why did the people around her did not understand? And why were they so consumed with their own life? Why didn’t she matter?

Was there a way to make them see why she was the way she is? And if not, what if instead she disappeared and would just end it, once and for all?

Stay tuned for more of Lucid!

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What if someone, or something is following you? On that very moment, when you’re finding your way home through the dark night. On a silent path. And every day, this would repeat. You would always feel it. Know it would get closer every day. Knowing it would get to you. Until one day, you turned around and faced the monster. And because of this you would see it as it really is. You would know if it will attack you. You would know if you will die or survive. And because of this you would know what power it actually has. And you would keep staring. Until finally one of you gives up. And every since that day, you would either be vanished or be safe. To walk without the thought, of that something, soon getting you. Have you faced a shadow that followed you? #lucidstorybook (Swipe left to see all the Images) #storybook #artistoninstagram #illustration #storytelling #gameartist #digitalpainting #environmentart #visdev

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