• If you dislike watercolors, read this

    2 tammikuun, 2020 by

    Have I ever told you about the time I hated watercolors? Four years ago I somehow ended up picking up watercolors. Before that, my previous moment with them was at the age of seven, on the second grade, where we were to make big washes to page with school watercolor palettes, that had six big watercolor buttons. We would wash an entire A4 page with… Read more

  • 3 ways to paint a believable red sunset

    28 huhtikuun, 2019 by

    Have you ever tried to paint a red sunset? If you have, then you know it’s hard. This April we were able to witness a red sunset one night because of a sandstorm in Sahara. Even though I live all the way in Finland, the dust particles in the atmosphere carried out their visual sight effects all the way here.

  • VIDEO: How to get the most out of your Cintiq 13″HD

    24 kesäkuun, 2018 by

    A feeling of disconnection, frustration with wires, feeling like a robot, backhurt, armhurt, discomfort… all these can be part of digital drawing experience. Sometimes many of these can be caused because of your equipment, or more specifically, your tablet.

  • Environment Painting Process video

    11 maaliskuun, 2018 by

    Why make a ”cooldown” painting? Because they are fun! They are quick paintings that I make to connect an emotion I have at the moment. It is very relaxing and like meditation to me — like exhaling everything that you have experienced that day. Here’s a sped up process on one of them. Hope you enjoy the video! Here it is. If you have any… Read more

  • ”How do you get so much done?”

    18 tammikuun, 2020 by

    Since this year began, I’ve gotten some private messages where people ask me how I get so much done. I’ve been posting almost every day to Instagram, making digital paintings and watercolor paintings, taking a course at CGMA, while I’m making my book and writing my blog, going to gym and all that is in addition to my day job as a game artist. There… Read more

  • I want you to be average in 2020

    31 joulukuun, 2019 by

    2020 is almost here, and that’s a wonderful number. It deserves some looking back and reflecting, and maybe a vision for your upcoming decade. Maybe you’re planning to go out to gym every morning and lose weight? Finish all the projects, do all the courses, study all the aspects of art, read all the books and be the best version of yourself? Sure thing, do… Read more

  • Make your old sketchbooks matter – going konmari with my drawings

    7 joulukuun, 2019 by

    At first I would like to thank Andrea Femerstrand aka Noukah (visit her blog at http://www.noukah.com) for giving out this cool idea! Do you ever feel a bit ashamed by your sketchbooks and sort of would like to show your sketches, but major of your drawings are unpresentable? They take up the space from your home and you never return to them. Yet you don’t… Read more

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