About me

Nice to meet you, I’m Annamari Kuvaja aka Illuzz.

I’m a professional 2D artist from Finland, specializing in game art, concept art, digital painting and storytelling.

I currently happily work in a mobile game studio that is based in Finland. On my leftover time I’m making a personal art book project called Lucid, which I’m hoping to have finished in 2020.

I constantly work on improving myself as an artist, observe the world around me and oftentimes a realization of the world turns into a blog post. I also love connecting with other artists to grow together and exhange ideas.

Painting outdoors is something I’ve grown very fond of as it lets me step away from the computer and practice my craft outside.

Please take a look around, hope you enjoy the site.

Click on the Illuzz tab on the left to browse through the content!

PS. Note that this is my blog site and not my portfolio site. You can find my actual portfolio at: http://annamarikkuvaja.wixsite.com/portfolio

Please also note that any opinions expressed on my blog site do not reflect those of  my employer.


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