New video: Enviroment speedpainting

Having fear of a blank canvas? Here’s a demo on how to sketch environment thumbnails in color, in no time. 🙂 I really like this method because it’s really loose and gives me ideas that I might have not thought about otherwise. -Annamari

VIDEO: How to get the most out of your Cintiq 13″HD

A feeling of disconnection, frustration with wires, feeling like a robot, backhurt, armhurt, discomfort… all these can be part of digital drawing experience. Sometimes many of these can be caused because of your equipment, or more specifically, your tablet. Luckily, there are ways to make your digital drawing experience much

Simplified light physics for better colour choices

Hey again! I’ve been really thinking about this blog topic for a long time now. I will try to keep it short but as simple and informative as I can. First I should tell you that I’m a sucker for light. I love light and to me it’s more important

Watercolor tutorial!

It can be a pain to get that sunlight feel in watercolor paintings. If you do a colorful underpainting, it gets knocked down with browns and greys eventually unless you protect it. Adding some yellow with white gouache can save some, but it won’t be so easy to get as

How IQ tests changed my life

Some say that intelligence tests don’t really tell anything about people and they are not valid or important. I agree that they don’t equate many qualities that people have. But I do think they are important. Why? Because they changed everything for me. Pretty much everyone around me thought I

Environment Painting Process video!

Why make a ”cooldown” painting? Because they are fun! They are quick paintings that I make to connect an emotion I have at the moment. It is very relaxing and like meditation to me — like exhaling everything that you have experienced that day. Here’s a sped up process on

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